Power Down, Green Up, and Shout Out in 2016!

  • The Ashland Climate Challenge

    Climate change is serious and it is already affecting our community. But we know Ashland can rise to the challenge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting people and resources from climate impacts. In 2016, we are asking all residents and businesses to reduce energy use and get involved in creating an inclusive clean energy community.


    Transitioning to clean energy and greater energy efficiency here in Ashland can save money, create jobs, improve air quality, and reduce climate change.


    Cities and Universities around the nation are holding energy challenges to help people conserve and switch to renewables. The Ashland Climate Challenge is a fun way to bring the community together and celebrate our transition while making big changes in 2016.

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  • How to Enter the Ashland Climate Challenge

    We are challenging ourselves, our friends, neighbors, and local businesses to reduce

    our energy use by 10% in 2016.

    Power Down, Green Up, and Shout Out in 2016!


    Power Down

    • If you use 10% less electricity in 2016 for the same billing period and same residence compared to 2015, you are eligible for the POWER DOWN challenge. Please have your Ashland utility bills for the same period and both years on hand when you click below to submit your entry. You can get your bills through the City's online utility billing website (https://ashland.merchanttransact.com/Default.aspx).
    • If you use 10% less natural gas in 2016 for the same billing period and same residence, you can enter as well. If you win the raffle, you will need to present a copy of your bills to verify your savings.

    Green Up

    • If you switch to alternative transportation at least 4 times in a month, you are eligible for the GREEN UP challenge! Alternative transportation includes biking, skating, walking, bus, telecommuting, or even "staycations" (vacationing at home). Tell us which types of alternative transportation you switched to and when.


    Shout Out

    • If you talk with your neighbors, friends, school, landlord, or lawmaker about energy efficiency, energy conservation, renewable energy, and/or climate change, you are eligible for the SHOUT OUT challenge. Tell us who you talked to, the date, and how it went.

    Enter up to three times each month

    You can enter each of the three challenges EVERY MONTH IN 2016. Once you decide which challenge(s) to take, track your progress throughout the month and enter by the end of 2016. You will receive one raffle entry for each challenge you enter (up to three entries each month).


    A raffle will be held every 3 months. We will contact you if you win a prize, and we will post the winners here on the Ashland Climate Challenge website. The Ashland Climate Challenge is open to all Ashland residents. More details are available below.

    Share your story

    Are you working to make your home more energy efficient? Are you working with your local schools or businesses to save energy? Do you have learning experiences that could help others avoid pitfalls? Please write to us and share your stories of successes and hurdles. You can contact us at marni@geosinstitute.org.


    Use 10% less energy for the same billing period in 2016 compared to 2015 and you are eligible to enter.


    Switch to alternative transportation 4 times per month and you are eligible to enter.


    Talk to neighbors, schools, landlords, and others about renewable energy, conservation, and climate change.

  • Raffle Prizes

    Our community has stepped up to the Challenge to provide some great prizes for the raffle.

    New prizes for the Ashland Climate Challenge keep coming in, so check back and we'll announce the winners.

    Electra Townie Go Electric Bicycle

    Bear Creek Bicycle

    Bear Creek Bicycle (1988 Hwy 99, Ashland) has donated an Electra Townie Go Electric Bike as the Grand Prize! At the end of the year, entrants from all months will be eligible for the drawing for this battery-powered pedal assist bike. MSRP $2299.00

    Discounted Bike Tune-ups for All Entrants!

    Piccadilly Cycles

    Piccadilly Cycles (525 A Street, Ashland) is offering a discounted bike tune-up for all entrants. Once you enter (see details above), let Piccadilly know you are with the Ashland Climate Challenge for $10 off a tune-up.

    Beer and Food Pairing

    Standing Stone Brewing Company

    A five course beer and food sampler led by brewery staff every Sunday. Worth $25.

    Gift Certificates for Mix and Flip

    Mix Bakeshop and Flip

    Whether you're in the mood for fresh baked sweet treats or a burger from grass-fed local beef, you will be treated to the best that Ashland has to offer!

    One-hour Massage

    Sheryl Grunde

    After changing the light bulbs and insulating the attic, enjoy a massage by Sheryl to work out the kinks and sore muscles.

    Pair of tickets for the 2017 season

    Oregon Shakespeare Festival

    Use the tickets for the play of your choice. Twelfth Night, Hamlet, The Wiz, and more. Worth $150.

    Gift Certificates for Ace Hardware

    Ashland General Hardware

    Gift certificates to help you continue on your energy conservation journey. Ace has caulk, insulation, low-flow faucets, and energy use monitors. Most importantly, they have a friendly and knowledgeable staff who can answer your questions.

    $250 home improvement credit


    Use the credit to help weatherize your home or install a renewable energy system. Enter the code ENPAACC250 online.

  • Actions with the greatest carbon savings

    Want to lose a thousand pounds? Off your carbon footprint that is.

    These actions make a serious dent in your household's carbon footprint.

    Climate-Smart Driving

    By driving the speed limit and maintaining your tire pressure, you can save hundreds of dollars and over 1000 lbs of carbon each year. By updgrading your car to a hybrid or electric vehicle you can save even more.

    Time for an Upgrade

    Replacing certain appliances (refrigerators, air conditioners, furnaces, water heaters) 15+ yrs. old can save you hundreds of dollars and thousands of pounds of CO2 emissions per year. Splurging for the most efficient models can often pay back in just a few years, and further reduces your footprint.

  • More Energy Saving Actions

    Check back for more each month!

    Eat more veggies

    A large portion of Ashland's greenhouse gas emissions comes from the consumption of meat. Eating more produce and especially locally-grown produce will reduce our GHG footprint drastically.

    Turn down your water heater

    You can save 600 pounds of carbon pollution per year just by reducing your water heater temperature from 140 degrees to 120 degrees.

    Turn down the heat

    You can save 420 pounds of carbon pollution per year just by reducing your heat setting by 2 degrees. Set it to 68 degrees during the day and 55 at night, or go even lower if you dare.

    Install low-flow shower heads

    Replacing shower heads can save 100 pounds of carbon pollution each year by reducing the amount of water you heat.

    Clean filters regularly

    Cleaning a dirty filter can save 5% of the energy used in an air conditioner or furnace.

    Shade your house

    Planting trees outside your sunniest windows, for instance, can reduce carbon pollution by 2.4 tons per year. 

    Install a programmable thermostat

    For about $25 you can purchase a programmable thermostat that will automatically turn down the heat at night and/or during the day when no one is home.

    Buy local

    When you buy locally produced food and products, you are supporting the local economy, ensuring that labor and environmental practices are up to local standards, and reducing your carbon footprint.

    Reduce consumption

    Choose recycled items, less packaging, and reusable products. Or go without. Consuming less and reducing waste reduces emissions both at home and across the globe.

    NEW! Make your voice heard in Ashland

    Are you interested in the City's Climate and Energy Action planning process? Join the conversation every first Wednesday at 3:30pm and third Wednesday at 5:30pm at 51 Winburn Way.

    Invest in the future

    While renewable energy often involves an initial investment, the payback is quite substantial. Most home solar systems are paid off in about 8 years, with free energy for the homeowner for the rest of their 25+ years of energy production.

    Talk with schools, employers, and landlords

    Get involved in renewable energy and energy conservation at your local school, workplace, or church. A new state policy on cooperatives makes solar for schools and non-profits a lucrative investment.

  • What We Do

    The Ashland Climate Challenge is a project of the Geos Institute. We are a local non-profit organization working closely with other organizations and the City of Ashland to create meaningful progress on climate change.

    Geos Institute

    Leading the way to climate change solutions that matter

    The Geos Institute, located in Ashland, Oregon, works across the nation on climate change action. Through our Forest Legacies, Working Waters, and ClimateWise programs, we create climate change solutions for forests, water, and people. www.geosinstitute.org

  • Partners and Sponsors

    This is a community project. Driven by local businesses, organizations, individuals and the City of Ashland. Fill out the sponsorship form to add your organization or business. Contact us at marni@geosinstitute.org if you would like to help.

    Geos Institute


    Rogue Climate

    City of Ashland

    Oregon Shakespeare Festival

    Southern Oregon University

    Clif Bar

    The Hearth

    Real Stories By Regular Folks

    Live at the Armory

    Ashland Fly Shop

    Ashland Food Co-op


    Thank you local donors!

    Ashland Electric Bikes

    Bear Creek Bicycle


    Neuman Hotel Group

    True South Solar

    Southern Oregon Pachamama Alliance

    Mix Sweet Shop

    Ashland General Hardware

    Rogue Valley Farm To School

    Oregon Action

    Southern Oregon ManKind Project

    Full Circle Real Estate

    The Varsity Theater

    Ashland Culture of Peace Commission


    Science Works Hands-On Museum


    Pacific Domes

    Ashland Independent Film Festival

    Home Depot

    Rogue Riverkeeper

    Post Growth Institute

    Phoenix Counseling

    "Counseling from the Heart"

    Climate Change Theatre Action and Art Cop21

    A global festival of cultural activity on climate change

    Standing Stone Brewing

    Sharp Energy Solutions

    Massage with Sheryl Grunde

    Enchanted Florist

    Barking Moon Farm

    Black Dog Farm

    Case Coffee Roasters

    Wandering Roots Farm

    Fry Family Farms

    Drive Oregon

    Innovation in Electric Mobility

  • Become a Sponsor

    We need your help to keep the Challenge going! Please become a sponsor by selecting your sponsorship level below (hint: for a $250 donation put 2 Grizzly Peak and 1 Douglas-fir sponsorships in your basket) or email us to donate prizes (marni@geosinstitute.org). All sponsorships are tax deductable donations. Business and non-profit sponsors will receive promotions on our website, Facebook page, and in the media as we highlight the Ashland Climate Challenge throughout 2016. Thank you!